keskiviikko 14. maaliskuuta 2018

Dreaming of summer in Samos

This dream catcher is made by talented Irene from Poros Sea Side. This picture of mine is one of my favorite. 

Samos means me relaxing moments, long walks, car trips to the mountains and enjoying beaches of Aegean Sea.

Holiday is the best when you have time to be in peace and have fun without schedules. 

Hammock between two old trees is my next goal. Listening to the waves and reading books is worth to look for. 

Take a look at Samos island:

What do you think? Is it worth to discover?

Good night, sleep tight! Tuija

sunnuntai 11. maaliskuuta 2018

Spring is around the corner

I have been following weather forecast in Samos and noticed that there is just now like Finnish summer. Sun is shining and sometimes it rains. Flowers are blooming. Beautiful! Some day our dream comes true and we'll see all that beauty. 

Summer months are usually quite warm in Pythagorion which is located in the south of Samos island. This Greek Goddess wrote a perfect post Where is Samos? She lives in Samos and knows lots of important things for a visitor. My approach is more emotional and visual. 

Samos goes along my path every day and night. I suffer from an annoying noise in my ear and when I got a hearing aid I chose as a tinnitus master noise called: wash. It feels like being on the beach when I sleep. Another one I call Kokkari and another is Potokaki. It helps a lot!

Sweet dreams wishes, 
Tuija, the Samos in my mind -photo blogger

sunnuntai 25. helmikuuta 2018

Samos Island Impressions

Today I have been sharing my pictures from Samos one year in my Instagram -account which I created specially for my best pictures.

Today there is already almost 800 followers. It seems quite fantastic to me. Samos is worth this!

Samos is a place which is easy to fall in love. The atmosphere is calming, gentle, warm and open-hearted. This island has a pervasive effect on the people who visits this once. Many of them come again and again to this paradise. There is everything you need for a unforgettable vacation. 

Are you interested in more information? Then Visit Samos is the right address for you. Have a great journey called Samos Island Impressions!

Happy dreams about holiday in Samos! Tuija

keskiviikko 14. helmikuuta 2018

Happy Valentine's Day!

                         Samos is my best friend!

It is always wonderful to meet this island 
and every time it takes specially good care of 
me and my love ones. 
Myhappiest holidays I have enjoyed in Samos. 

            Sea, sun, greek salad...

             See you! Tuija

maanantai 22. tammikuuta 2018

Powerful Samos

Right now it is winter also in Samos but quite soon spring brings warm winds and lots of tourists, I hope. Somehow winter in Samos seems like spring in Finland or sometimes our summer can have the same temperatures. 

This green island near Turkey is like a paradise for me. I have visited Samos in June, July, August and September. My dream is to travel to this island earlier and stay there a longer period in autumn. I have heard that spring is one of the most beautiful time when flowers are blooming and nature is fresh after winter. 

Usually it has been really warm while we have been having our holidays in Samos. I love the hot weather! Although it is sometimes almost too much but that's the most important reason to visit this greek island. Sun, sea and refreshing winds is a marvelous combination. 

If you are planning where to travel in Greece next season I can recommend Samos. Take a look at my Instagram -account and use hashtags: #samosimpressions and #islandworthtovisit! to explore more about Samos. 

This blog and instagram -account is my donation to my favorite holiday destination. This place has had a special place in my heart since 2011. 

                 Best regards, Tuija, photoblogger from Finland

sunnuntai 31. joulukuuta 2017

Hello there!

I love puzzles so I made some kind of collection for you. Instagram has nowadays daily part of my life. I am so happy to get supportive feedback of my Samos impressions. #islandworthtovisit hashtag leeds you to lovely feelings from Samos. 

           Brilliant New Year! <3 Tuija, photoblogger

Villa Iiris Photography

sunnuntai 3. joulukuuta 2017

Memories and souvenirs


Outopia Pythagorion

Samos in in my mind every day!

Villa Iiris Photography

I have a tradition to post a picture in Instagram early in the morning. Have you noticed that? I enjoy to take a look at my wonderful memories from lovely holidays of us. 

These pictures in this post includes some important things for me. Fouta -blankets are marvellous. I have found those from lovely 2TheLittleStore and jewelry is hand made in Pythagorion. Outopia has a special place in my heart. 

Third picture shows what kind of clothing feels good when it's hot. Kaftan, sun hat, flip flops and a good basket are invaluable while having trips all around island. Bikinis which are made in Greece has turned out the best.

Next flights are booked! Happy Christmas time for you all! Tuija

maanantai 13. marraskuuta 2017


Poros Sea Side

Last summer I met Alice in Wonderland. Her husband runs Poros Sea Side in Potokaki beach. She loves to crochet and in this place is lots of lovely handicraft which is made by her. Next time I'll take along my knitting and hope to have an handwork appointment. 


I'm sure that every individual has a different kind of wish for a perfect holiday. I need my favorite sun hat, the world's famous basket, sun glasses and the most important is my best companion. 

Blue Boat

Little things makes a bracing vacation. Peace, inspiration, enthusiasm are a good start to plan a perfect journey.  1980's we had our first adventures together in Greece. Then we had a tiny tent along. Since then I have loved greek salad, sun, sea and simple, easy life. 

Sea Side Poros

Many of our dreams has actualized which makes me specially grateful. I have visited Samos seven times. Next holiday is under planning. This island has lots of places which we'll like to visit. 

This year we found a nice little studio in Pythagorion. I am quite sure that it will be again our next goal. Do you have plans for your next visit to Samos? What do you prefer: a hotel with a giant pool and huge breakfast or something else like us? I'm sure that you find a perfect holiday destination if you want. Night or two I like to stay on a hotel but most of all I prefer our peaceful, private breakfast at out own balcony. In Pythagorion we have a familiar coffee shop just around the corner. I hope that this nice habit continues. Lauri walks there every morning to buy his coffee and something sweet while I prepare our yoghurt with fresh fruits and granola, seeds and honey.

It's wonderful to make plans when it's raining and boring in Finland. All the thousands of pictures from our trips makes me happy. I have a tradition to post one picture first thing in the morning in Instagram

I have a problem with my ear and in my hearing aid is two different kind of waves. Another I call Kokkari and another one is Potokaki. I sleep like a baby while listening these noises which takes me to the relaxing beach.

Winter greetings, Tuija